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General Terms and Conditions


General Terms and Conditions:


 E.D.R makes no warranty or guarantee regarding the diamond described in the report. This report represents the professional opinion of this organisation but doesn’t reflect the financial value of the diamond.

The diamond described has been examined in the workshop of E.D.R by our professional staff with the most exact instruments which are available in the industry.

 1/1) the report expresses an opinion at the time of the examination of   the diamond so any purchaser of the diamond shall regard this report as an appraisal but not as a guarantee or warranty.

1/2) Different opinions may appear regarding the diamond described in the report due to the fact that diamond grading is not an exact science.

1/3) E.D.R examined and prepared the reports to the best of its knowledge and highest professional standards.

1/4) E.D.R takes no responsibility or liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage which the purchaser may suffer as a result of this report.

1/5) E.D.R is an independent laboratory with no financial interest in the sale of diamonds or jewellery. Reports are collects or delivered upon personal request by the client for its own use and purpose.


 1.       Only fully registered client and authorised may use E.D.R services. Any changes customer details change must be reported to E.D.R immediately.


 2.       Insurance – E.D.R is not offering or providing any insurance or insurance services, not in transit to or from E.D.R offices, you (the legal owner of the goods) should have in place the suitable insurance for your property. In the event of damage or Loss E.D.R take no liability, as well as if the damage results from human error or negligence by E.D.R team.


 3.       Law Enforcement – E.D.R is not liable for diamonds in its possession that must be relinquished to the proper authorities due to England and Internationals law.


4.       Payment – E.D.R does not offer any credit term to our customers. The invoice has to be paid immediately once you received the Goods and/or Services. All payment not made within 10 days of the due date shall bear interest at a rate of 8% per month on the unpaid balance plus admin fee of £20.00.


 5.       Failure to Collect – E.D.R becomes the ultimate owner of goods not collected within 6 month from the date indicated on the delivery receipt. E.D.R retains the right to sell these goods at its own expense.


 6.       Settlement of Disputes – Any disputes with regard to these general terms and conditions fall exclusive under the authority of the district courts of England and welsh. All costs associated with collection by legal means, including honorariums, will be at the expense of the recovered from the client. All legal actions resulting from the application of these terms and conditions in accordance with England law.